Hi there, Fernando speaking

I have a problem solving creative mind.

Love to illustrate, design products, and code here and there.

Tell me more about you! 😌

Okeei: cooking enthusiast, humoristic idiot, wannabe artist.

Not just that, I like adventure, the sea and cinema.

What are you doing? 🤔

2019 -

Currently I'm working at a cool place called PACSIS,

doing User Interface design and coding it!

& Studying

in a post-graduate course called Digital Design Experience, super challenging and mind changing.


And before that?

You unemployed or smth?

No, I was very lucky with my colaborations,

and worked with the most amazing people.



Information Planet allowed me to work in strategy and brand.

My responsibilities involved branding, editorial, and promotional objects.


Explored many design fields at Physis Studio.

Worked remotely as a generalist designer in studio.

Now that you know what I do, We should work together! Reach out to:



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